Need to increase brand awareness?
Youtube marketing is a great, cost-effective solution.

Youtube video ads that play automatically before selected videos commence are called trueview videos. To screen your videos in this lucrative space, you need to run an AdWords video campaign.

Your video can feature on the world’s second largest search engine, creating instant brand awareness.

An AdWords video is an innovative way to reach your niche market. Did you know that half of the country’s population watch at least one Youtube video every single week of the year, either through social media or directly on Youtube?

Facebook, Twitter and blogs all have video integration capacity, tapping into people’s thirst for entertaining and informative online content. Trending topics can cause a specific video to go viral and spread like wildfire, making advertising in this space particularly good value.

Youtube video ads allow 5 seconds before users have the option of clicking “skip”. Our professional video production team are here to create content that users will continue to watch.

Your Youtube advertising videos can make a real impact. All it takes is the right video production company.

If you are an Adwords specialist, ask about our agency specials.

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