We refer to Event Coverage as filming at an event… usually a convention or conference.

The team we usually send to an event is a producer and a cameraman. We bring 2 cameras so we get a few camera angles during the seminar talks, and one camera for the vox-pop interviews. The cameras are small and the gear is easy to move around the venue.

Vox-pops are short interviews done while roaming around asking questions of staff, and guests. This a great place to start, and these are used to showcase the event in a short promo video with testimonials.

Filming an event is beneficial for a number of reasons…

  • Promoting the event for the next year. Use the video on your website for the next convention. Show people enjoying the event and giving great feedback about the experience they have had and show the buzzy vibe.
  • For marketing purposes and adding value for your clients. You can film entire seminar talks from special guests and make them available via your website, you tube or via monthly client email campaigns.
  • You would film the event to document it, capture special guests that you have gone to a lot of trouble to get there. (It’s all for marketing right??!) And use elements for ongoing marketing purposes.

Our crew doesn’t need to be at an event all day (unless something is happening at the end of the day that is worth capturing). You usually find that the vibe is better in the first half of the day. There are more people, making the event look busier. If the event goes for 2 days I would suggest 1.5 days of filming is enough.

We can get finished videos back to you fast, usually within the week or sooner.

A promotional video that you would use for the following years’ event should be roughly 2 minutes in length. This is long enough to showcase your event but not too long to bore viewers and make them click away.

The additional videos you use for marketing purposes for existing clients can be longer as they are aimed at a captured market and have already got a real interest in the topic you are discussing. 5-10 minutes for these would be fine.

While we work at the event we can be left to our own devices as long as we have been provided with a schedule for filming during the day and a list of people that you would like interviewed.

We have the experience to know where we need to film from, who looks like they will be good to film and what extra footage to capture to make your event look alive.

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